The meadow, or as I like to call it "Bleen Hill zone"

The meadow (Or as it is sometimes called, the Bleen Hill Zone) is the main location of the BLONIC series. Blonic and Blails spend most of their screen time here, and in fact Blonic 1 took place here entirely. It also appears in Blonic 2, though most of that episode is spent at The Bar. The meadow also appears briefly at the end of the Pilot for Blonic's Original Adventures; in this video, Blails is resting in this area while eating a humongous pile of Autism


(In order of appearance)

  1. Blonic and Blails meet here in BLONIC.
  2. Blonic and Blails discuss 'rounding up the troops' supposedly for the next Great War, in BLONIC 2.

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