Tails 9

This is the fox who stole Blails's persona.


In his early life, Clark Johnson a.k.a. "Tails," was good friends with Kennith Smith a.k.a. "Sonic." Unhappy with just being "that fox," he changed his persona from Clark Johnson to Tails, obviously based off Blails, shortly after his friend Kennith Smith became Sonic. He acted as Kennith Smith's sidekick until the Blonic ripoff killed himself. Clark Johnson ran in front of a car three days after Kennith's suicide having recieved his fair share of critisism for ripping off Blails. He survived this though, and later killed himself with an overdose of pain killers.


  • He claimed to be an original character after all accusations of ripping off Blails.
  • A little known fact is that he actually had a minor case of OCD, and was frequently ill.
  • All designs for his airplanes were based off of Blails's similar and original designs.
  • He has also been know to go by the alias of Miles Prower.