The Blonic main characters, in a poster made by me! Dan Owen of The Nippies.

This a list of all of the Blonic Episodes, it is a series about the adventures of Blonic , Blails and Bluckles.

List of Episodes

Episode 1- Blonic 1 is the first episode in the Blonic series. Blonic and Blails are introduced in this one. A voice (suggested to be Blails) ask the supposed Sonic for what the time is. The Sonic reveals himself to be Blonic, an original character. He tells Blails that people should get their facts straight - before unexplicably inflating again. Blails comments on how embarassing that must be.

Episode 2- Blonic 2 is the second episode in the Blonic series - in this Bluckles and Dr Eggman are developed (Dr Eggman off screen). Blonic decides to round up troops for a war against Dr Eggman, he goes to Bluckles who tells him he cannot fight - not after the last war as he has lost too much. He then reveals that he is not his own original character- he is the actual Knuckles - trapped in the real world.

Episode 3- BLONIC THE RESTAURANT serves as the third episode of the BLONIC series. This one detracts more from the main plot and into more of a stand alone sketch. Like the other Blonics, this one is radically different from its counterparts. Blonic and Blails are seen discussing their purchase at the Blonic Restaurant, referencing various things. We then go into the main advertisement for the Blonic restaurant. It ends after the advertisement.