(Main page) Blonic is slightly eccentric but is a hero. His best friend is Blails.

Quote: I'm my original character, Blonic!

Personality: Heroic, Good


(Main Page) Blails likes sitting in fields and may not be completly loyal. He is possibly the best friend of Blonic.

Quote: I'm my original character, Blails!

Personality: Happy, Possibly Unloyal, Good

Minor Characters


(Main Page) Bluckles is a mysterious, depressed character, who participated in The Great War. He is a regular at the bar. He says the real Knuckles is trapped inside him, but it's possible that he's just drunk, or that The War has driven him mad.

Quote: It [The Great War] took everything from me... even the twins!

Personality: Sad, Depressed

Dr. Eggman

(Main Page) He has not yet appeared, and will become a major character when he does.

Quote: ?

Personality: Bad, Evil

"But he's a JERK!"
— Blonic to Bluckles, in BLONIC 2.