"Don't you get it? I'm not my original character Bluckles – I'm the actual Knuckles, trapped in the real world."
— Bluckles[1]

Bluckes, from Blonic 2.

Bluckles is a character in the Blonic series. He is an old friend of Blonic and appears prominently in BLONIC 2.


Bluckles is an alcoholic, struggling to come to terms with his existence and his past; particularly a great war with Dr Eggman in which he lost his entire family – "even the twins". Nobody, not even Blonic, is aware of how much the last war cost him.

He claims to be "the actual Knuckles" trapped in the real world – although, considering his recent heavy consummation of alcohol, his loss of beloved family members, and his appearance being similar to that of Blonic and Blails, this is most likely not true.

He is an old friend of Blonic, and perhaps Blails. In addition, there is a deep-seated relationship from a past altercation between him and NBA star Shaquille O' Neil, who may have been responsible for the death of his family.

Sources indicate that he "can't fight Eggman", in fact, he allegedly can't do anything. It'd be foolhardy to try.



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Blonic meets Bluckles in a bar and asks for his help in defeating Dr Eggman, because "he's a jerk". Bluckles, heavily intoxicated, laments that he cannot do anything, and that it would be foolhardy to even try. He goes on to describe the effects the last war with Dr Eggman had on him. When Blonic expresses his ignorance and attempts to apologize, Bluckles interrupts, exclaiming he isn't Bluckles, but rather the actual Knuckles trapped in the real world.


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