The most original commercial in the known universe.


"Its not a shirt. Its my original garment, a blirt!"

BLONIC THE SHIRT serves as the fourth episode to be entered into the Blonic series. This episode is a Blonic T-shirt commercial by Blonic and Blails. According to the commercial, these shirts allow you to express your originality, and show that copyright infringment is a big deal.


The commercial starts with Blonic asking Blails if he wants to express himself. Blails responds with: "Not particularly". Then, Blonic gives Blails an Original Characters T-shirt. They then
Blails Shirt

Blails modeling the shirt. Note how he looks like a real winner.

begin to explain what the T-shirt is capable of. Then it shows Blails modeling the shirt. Blonic comments on how much of a winner he looks like. It reveals that the shirts are licensed by the creator, Blonic. (This reveals that Blonic created himself, his own original character.) Blails comments on how much sense this makes. One of the customers tries to claim one of the shirts as his own original garment, a Blirt, but Blonic quickly punches him to prove that copyright infringement is wrong. The last scene shows that the shirts have a limited time to buy them. The shirts sold on Rodeo Arcade for the low and original price of $25.00.

Information and FactsEdit

  • In this commercial, Blails claims that he went to Yale. However, there is no proof of this being true.
  • The shirts are 100% cotton, made in the USA, and officially licensed by the creator, Blonic. They even have international shipping.
  • This commercial marks a historic moment in history, as it promotes the first Blonic merchandise.
  • The shirts are available from April 30th, 2013 to May 31st 2013, making them valuable collector's items.
  • The shirt depicts Blonic and Blails, with a ribbon reading: Original Characters. There is a notice under it reminding you not to steal it, because this happens quite a lot. Famous quotes such as "I'll say" or "How embarassing" are on the shirt as well.
  • Unlike Blonic the Restraunt, you do not need to sign a liability waver to buy a shirt.