In the world of Blonic, many events have come and gone. Some of these events are more important than others. This is where all the events which we know about will be recorded. Prepare to go BACK IN TIME, TO ANOTHER WORLD.

July 17, 20XX:1

1:03 P.M.: The Great War began.

September 30, 20XX:1

11:12 A.M.: The Great War ended.

Dec 3, 20XX:1


Bluckes asking if Blonic gets it.

5:03 P.M.: Blails asks Sonic for the time.

5:03 P.M.: It is revealed that Sonic is actually the original character Blonic.

5:03 P.M.: Blails states that he is an original character named Blails.

5:03 P.M. Blonic states that, "People really need to get their facts straight."

5:03 P.M.: Blails agrees with Blonic's previous statement.

5:04 P.M.: Blonic inexplicably inflates, and Blails notes that it is embarrasing.

5:05 P.M.: (assumed) Blonic inexplicably deflates back to normal size.

5:06 P.M.: Blonic decides he and Blails needs to round up the troops to go fight Dr. Eggmad.

5:06 P.M.: Blails decides that he would rather sit.

6:49 P.M.: Blonic arrives at The Bar.

6:50 P.M.: Blonic tries to enlist Bluckles help in the fight against Eggmad.

6:50 P.M.: Bluckles refuses despite being told that Eggmad is a jerk.

6:50 P.M.: Blails states that he is still in The Meadow.

Dec 29, 20XX:1

9:24 A.M.: Blonic watches one of Ukinojoe's numerous videos, commenting on how it has incredible amounts of originality.

9:26 A.M.: Blails comments on one of Joe's videos as well; his comment was "How embarassing."

Jan 23, 20XX:2

8:00 A.M.: Blonic opens a new ORIGINAL restraunt, "Blonic"