Title card to Blonic's Original Adventures

Blonic's Original Adventures is an upcoming fan series created by Piqutchi (known as ScrewWatermarks on YouTube). The show will detail the everyday life of our unique blue hedgehog, who is actually more interesting than you think. Out of all the currently revealed characters from ukinojoe's Blonic series, only Blonic is shown on-screen in the pilot. Other characters may show up in future episodes; this has not been decided by Piqutchi yet.



The pilot starts off with Blonic desiring something to eat before he can defeat Dr. Eggmad. Since there is no food in his kitchen (yes, he has a kitchen), he goes to McDonald's at the suggestion of somebody Blonic thinks is Blails. When Blonic gets to McDonald's, however, "Blails" is revealed to be one of Dr. Eggmad's evil robots. Blonic leads this robot on a wild chase; as Blonic continues to run, the robot calls upon its mechanized allies to exterminate the hedgehog. Eventually, Blonic is able to call the police to help, who chase after the robot army. In the end, as Blonic leads the robots and the police to a sandy dune, Giratina falls out of nowhere and creates a humongous explosion. The robots are destroyed, and the police are blown away by the explosion's awesome might. With the situation taken care of, Blonic eats the Chicken McNuggets he got from McDonald's. Blonic wonders about the current location of Blails; it turns out that Blails was back at The Meadow all along, enjoying a pile of tasty McDonald's food.