Blails, animation from Blonic 2

"How embarassing."
— Blails on Blonic's inexplicable inflation.

Blails is Blonic's sidekick in the Blonic Series, he is one of the side Characters in the series. One of his favourite pastimes is sitting.

Traits and Backstory

Blails is shown to be quite laid back at times and perhaps, one could say, unloyal. When Blonic needed his help to round up the troops in the video Blonic 2, Blails just continued to sit down in the field. He is also shown to be slightly dimwitted by what he says throughout the series; despite this, he remains friendly to Blonic. How embarassing!

Friends and Enemies

Blails seems to be friends with the real Sonic, according to the beginning of Blonic. Blails' best friend is most likely Blonic. However, it is unknown if he is friends with Bluckles; he most likely is friends with the echidna, though.

It is also unknown if he hates Dr. Eggman or not, but again it is assumed he does.

Later Life

Blails is shown commenting on one of Ukinojoe's Youtube videos in the short "Youtube Commenters 2"; his remark was, of course, "How embarassing."


  • Blails' face is slightly reminiscent of a "Troll Face", a popular image macro.
  • "Tails", the side kick of Kenith Smith, also copied his personality from Blails.
  • He claims to be "More of a momma's type of guy," than a poppa's.